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Disposable workwear and barrier protection is required for a variety of workplaces often with strict hygiene rules including food handling, health care & automotive work.

Disposable clothing is commonly manufactured out of polypropylene, paper or similar non-woven materials. This allows the clothing to be light, breathable and comfortable but still offer great barrier protection against splashes and spillage.

Disposable Headwear

Commonly used in workplaces involved in handling, distributing or processing food products - disposable headwear is designed to keep your hair from contaminating surrounding food. Hair nets, mop caps and beard masks are commonly manufactured out of spun polypropylene allowing them to be light, comfortable and breathable but maintain high levels of barrier protection.

Disposable Coveralls

Overalls and disposable coveralls are used in a variety of work environments ranging from automotive garages to clean rooms. Disposable coveralls not only offer barrier protection but depending on your workplace can protect you from hazardous materials. Type 5/6 coveralls conform to standards that assure the product is suitable to protect you from limited hazardous material exposure.

Commonly manufactured from polypropylene or similar spun materials disposable coveralls offer great barrier protection whilst maintain comfort and breathability.

Disposable Overshoes

Required in workplaces with highly strict hygiene rules - disposable overshoes are design to stop outside contamination in clean rooms. Also the added benefit of preventing splash damage to your footwear.

Disposable Aprons

Commonly used in food processing and distribution disposable aprons are extremely versatile and do not restrict movement. Polyethylene disposable aprons are also used within healthcare workplaces such as hospitals or care homes. Available in a variety of material thickness depending on the splash resistance required.

Disposable workwear is available in a large variety of materials, styles & standards so it is important to make sure you are buying the correct barrier protection for your workplace. Typically available in a range of colours to allow colour coding within your work environment.

21 Jan 2016 04:55:00 By Conor Tomkins Product Advice,

Safety helmets are an important part of your personal protective equipment, with EN397 you can ensure that the hard hat you are purchasing offers reliable protection for your workplace. For a safety helmet to conform too EN397 it must be tested in a range of areas.

Impact & Shock Absorption

EN397 helmets are intended to protect a static wearer from falling hazards. Helmets are tested using a 5Kg striker dropped from a height of 1 meter, the transmitted force cannot exceed 5kN. These tests are carried out of several helmet samples of each type to make sure that the helmet will offer protection in all conditions including high temperature, low temperature and water immersion.


These safety helmets are also tested again penetration to ensure they offer sufficient protection again pointed or sharp objects. Tested in a similar way too the impact & shock rating. Also as with the impact testing this is performed of several helmets to test in a range of conditions.

Design Requirements

Helmets that conform too EN397 also must have certain design requirements typically ensuring sufficient coverage provided by the helmet & ensuring that field of vision is not impaired by the helmet design.

Anchorage provided by chinstraps are also an important factor of any safety helmet design. Safety helmets can only offer protection when retained on the head. EN397 requires that the helmet is secured with anchorage points with a chinstrap with a minimum width of 10mm. The strength of the chinstraps are also tested.

21 Jan 2016 04:54:24 By Conor Tomkins Product Advice,

When it comes to choosing the right knife for the job there is a lot to take into consideration. The user, the budget and most importantly the job that it is been used for. Below you can see a couple of the safety knives that Red Brick Workwear offer. If you need any more information in regards to safety knives or any other type of personal protective equipment please contact us either via email or by calling 0114 321 6408.

Heavy duty spring back safety knives

This is one of the highest quality safety knives on the market and features a durable and robust metal body, ideal for both left and right handed people. Offering a traditional design and an extremely comfortable grip this knife is designed for the comfort. Ideal for heavy use in a warehouse environment or for opening a large amount of parcels as well as use in the construction industry for jobs such as scoring plasterboard down to sharpening your pencil. The extremely durable blade is suitable for a variety of jobs and will last.

Plastic spring Back Safety Knives

Our plastic spring back safety knife is an ideal budget but high quality cutting knife. Offering a ergonomically designed plastic body these knifes are extremely comfortable and can also be used left or right handed. Offering extra safety features such as an automatically retracting blade making them idea in a wide variety of workplaces that require light use such as offices.

Its important to use the correct type of safety knife for your workplace, choosing the wrong type of knife can waste time, money and also cause injury. If you have any other questions in regards to any of our products or any products you may need please contact sales@redbrickworkwear.co.uk or call 0114 321 6408.

21 Jan 2016 04:53:50 By Conor Tomkins Product Advice,

Here are Red Brick we understand the importance of choosing the right type of foot protection for your workplace and job. Having the right pair of work boots can help improve your comfort and reduce the chances of sustaining injury.

Safety Work Boots

Its important to make sure your employees and yourself are properly protected when on the job, new health and safety legislation make sure that you use high quality and suitable PPE for the job including foot protection.

Red Brick Workwear not only offer work boots but we also have a wide range of executive work shoes, ideal for the employee working in both the office and the site. When appearance matters safety does not need to be compromised with our high quality work shoes.

Executive Safety Shoes

The use of executive safety shoes has rapidly increased, with varied styles such as brogues and plain tie available to suit all tastes and styles. These safety shoes are ideal for personnel who move between an office environment and the site. Offering great protection such as either a steel or composite toe cap and approved to SP1 standards making them suitable for the majority of workplaces with medium hazards. Ideal addition to any corporate wardrobe - fashionable, stylish and great foot protection.

Multi-Purpose Footwear

Multi-purpose footwear is a very varied term and can include a large variety of work boots including ankle boots, dealer boots, good year styled boots and trainer style safety shoes just to name a few.

Dealer boots are a fashionable style for work boots offering a comfortable slip on design and high quality leather. Offering all the safety features of other S1P approved foot protection.

Ankle boots are the "traditional" style of work boots. Available in a variety of colours and designs these boots are the preferred option for most trades man and employers. These style of boots offer a ankle height collar making them extremely breathable and comfortable.

Hiker boots offer a full front lace design making giving them an extremely secure fit and feel. These boots are also approved for a wide range of workplaces and sites and are used regularly for hiking and jobs that require a large amount of walking - these boots stay secure and do not come undone.

Rigger Boots

Our rigger boots are ideal for a range of jobs, offer a warm fleece lining for ultimate comfort to the wearer and slip resistance soles making them ideal for working on slippy surfaces such as oil or water. The majority of our rigger boots offer a 200 joule rated steel toe cap and conform too S1P standards making them suitable for most workplaces and sites.

Manufactured out of high quality leather rigger boots prove themselves to be extremely durable, long lasting and safe - making them great value for money. The versatility, great water resistance and weather proofing rigger boots offer allows them to be used in a wide range of jobs including ground maintenance and all other outside work.

If you have any other questions regarding foot protection or work boots please contact us at sales@redbrickworkwear.co.uk or 0114 321 6408.

21 Jan 2016 04:52:44 By Conor Tomkins Product Advice,

Choosing the right work trousers for your workplace is complicated. There are large varieties of work trousers all with different features and benefits. What exactly do you need out of your work trousers?

Work trousers you should be aware of the quality or the item that you are purchasing. We recommend trousers that offer contrast triple stitched major seams. This ensures that the trousers will be extremely durable and be tear and rip resistant.

There are a range of styles of work trousers available such as action trousers and cargo trousers.

Action trousers offer a stylish design with zipped pockets which make them ideal for jobs that require a large amount of moving/walking. Offering better protection for your personal possessions.

Cargo trousers offer a variety of pockets making they extremely versatile and suitable for a wide range of work places. Cargo trousers are often manufactured out of a polycotton blend fabric which makes them extremely breathable but durable.

Some trousers feature pull out swing pockets, pockets with velcro fastenings for easy storage of tools and personal belongings such as mobile phone and wallet. Some trousers offer specific pockets for tools such as rules, pens and hammers.

Knee pad pockets can also be a great addition to any work trousers. These are the preferred way of wearing knee pads for many workers as they offer more comfort and better stability than velcro or strap attached knee pads.

Job specific work trousers are also available such as heat resistance welding trousers. These trousers conform too EN 11611 and EN 11612 and are often manufactured out of a heat resistant drill cotton fabric making them resistant to direct flame contact and splashes of hot substances.

Polycotton food trousers are also available for anyone working in the food industry. These offer great barrier protection and are often manufactured out of a white cotton fabric for hygiene reasons.

Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts are a comfortable alternative to work trousers, although only suitable for minimal risk workplaces such as garden work they offer much greater comfort in warmer climate. Knee length legs offer exceptional breathability and restrict less movement than conventional work trousers.

Red Brick Workwear offering a wide range of personal protective equipment and tools for any job and workplace. If you require help on the PPE that you need please contact us via email or call 0114 321 6408 and one of our expert team will be more than happy to help you.

21 Jan 2016 04:52:10 By Conor Tomkins Product Advice,

Rigger gloves are used for jobs that require heavy duty hand protection, so its important that you have the right pair for your workplace. Avoid injury with high quality, durable and reliable rigger gloves.

Heavyweight rigger gloves offer great hand protection and can be used in a variety of industries, such as warehousing, gardening, building and DIY. We offer different colour and styles to suit you. Our heavyweight rigger gloves feature leather palms and rubberised safety cuffs, making them extremely durable, high quality and great value for money.

All of our rigger gloves conform to EN388 standards and are ideal for use on any job - providing you peace of mind that your hands are fully protected whilst at work.

The higher quality rigger gloves offer stiffened safety cuffs to protect your wrist and forearm. These cuffs can either be manufactured out of rubber of high quality leather and protect from impact and sharp objects.With added leather knuckle straps to protect against impact injuries.

Rigger gloves are extremely versatile and perfect for a range of jobs, workplaces or hobbyists with a great price tag rigger gloves are the favoured gloves for DIYers and gardeners.

If you require assistance, information or help on the rigger gloves or hand protection that is suitable for you, please contact us either by email or by calling 0114 321 6408 and our expert team will be happy to advise you.

21 Jan 2016 04:51:29 By Conor Tomkins Product Advice,

High Visibility clothing is important in workplaces such as construction and road works but is also used in everyday activities such as cycling, running, motorcycling etc.. Wearing Hi-Viz clothing can save your life and Red Brick Workwear is here to help you chose the ideal workwear for you.

Each job have different requires for Hi-Viz workwear, this is why we have such a wide range to cover all possible requirements for all jobs and workplaces. Our high quality Hi-Viz workwear offer both bright and vibrant colours that will not fade after washing and also reflective strips so they conform the highest standards.

Hi Vis Vests

Hi Vis vests come in a range of sizes and colours each required in a different sector or workplace. High visibility bands are a requirement in most areas of work but these bands are available in different configurations making them conform to different standards. These including 2 band & brace, 1 band & brace and 2 bands without brace.

To conform to the class 2 standards a high visibility vest must feature 2 bands & brace and these are often used in workplaces with reduced visibility such as in close proximity to a major road or railway. Although railway workplaces require a special standard called GO/RT3279.

Hi Vis Trousers

Hi Vis trousers are available in a wide variety of styles including action trousers and PU cover trousers which fit over the top of your regular clothing. For trousers to conform too class 2 standards they must feature 2 bands that can either be positioned around the knee's or ankles. For class 3 protection you must combine both Hi Vis trousers and a Hi Vis jacket for overall high visibility coverage.

2Tone Hi-Viz

2tone high visibility clothing either feature yellow and orange hi-viz or yellow and another colour such as navy or black on the same article of clothing, it is possible to get 2tone on hi-viz t shirts, trousers and vests. These conform to class 2 standards (when 2 hi-viz colours are combined). Giving a stylish edge to your high visibility corporate wardrobe.

Corporate Hi-Viz

Some high visibility clothing are for corporate use only this often applies to coloured high visibility vests - even though these do feature reflective bands they conform to no European standards so are not suitable for use in certain workplaces. Corporate hi-viz is often used as uniform to staff who are working in minimum risk area's of the workplace such as the office.

If you need any assistance on which type of High visibility clothing you need then please do not hesitate to contact us by either emailing sales@redbrickworkwear.co.uk or calling 0114 321 6408.

21 Jan 2016 04:50:55 By Conor Tomkins Product Advice,

What is the ideal bricklaying PPE? What equipment and protection do you need whilst on the job? These questions are often asked by our customers.

Hand Protection for Bricklaying

Firstly you need to look after your hands as they are the most vulnerable part whilst bricklaying, and you can do this with a pair of safety gloves (we would recommend Grab N Grip safety gloves). These gloves offer all the features required for bricklaying. Offering a latex coated palm making them extremely durable suitable for handing the bricks and also providing excellent grip. These gloves also provide excellent abrasion and puncture resistance defending your hands against injury. These gloves conform too EN388 so they are suitable for work on all sites.

Eye Protection for Bricklaying

Secondly you need eye protection in case of any splashes during mixing your mortar or while applying courses, and a pair of safety specs is what you require (we recommend Safety Source Comet). These safety specs are extremely lightweight at only 24g making them extremely comfortable. The lenses are both anti-scratch and anti-mist making them durable and long lasting. These specs conform too EN166 1FT making them suitable for use on most sites and ideal bricklaying PPE.

Work Boots for Bricklaying

Additionally you should also be equiped with a pair of steel toe cap boots to protect your feet in case you drop bricks etc on them (Hiker Safety Boots will be perfect for the job). Offering a highly protective steel toe cap and midsole making them ideal protection against heavy and unexpected impacts which can be expected whilst bricklaying. With added features such as a padded collar and tongue for additional comfort these boots are ideal for long periods of uses. Conforming too ENISO 20345:2004/A1:2007 S1P making them suitable for medium risk workplaces and ideal bricklaying PPE.

Head Protection for Bricklaying

Finally you need to aware of your surrounding environment as there could be falling objects or materials, for this we would advise a safety helmet (Apex safety helmet would be great for this). These helmets are manufactured out of a durable ABS material providing excellent protection from impacts and other hazards. Extremely lightweight providing great comfort for long periods of use. Offering an advanced ventilation system to keep the wearer cool and comfortable at all times. EN397 approved making them ideal for a range of workplaces.

If you still unsure on the ideal bricklaying PPE or anything please do not hesitate to contact a member of Red Brick at sales@redbrickworkwear.co.uk or call us on 0114 321 6408.

21 Jan 2016 04:50:19 By Conor Tomkins What PPE Do I Need?,

Plastering PPE

What is the needed plastering PPE? What workwear do i need for my job? These are common questions that we get asked by our customers. Find our what workwear you need to be protected in your workplace.

Hand Protection for Plastering

Firstly, we will discuss the plastering PPE you need to protect your hands. Your hands are the most vulnerable aspect whilst plastering as they get the most exposure to materials. The correct pair of protective gloves will help you keep them intact and protect them from the various hazards while on site. We would recommend Grab N Grip safety gloves for any plasterer as they offer a latex palm to provide you great grip ideal for holding the plastering trowel for a long period of time. The latex palms also give them excellent wet and dry performance. Featuring great puncture and abrasion protection these gloves protect from a variety of hazards that are faced by plasters. These gloves conform too EN388 making them ideal for most workplaces.

Eye Protection for Plastering

secondly we suggest a pair of safety specs to protect your eyes from splashes while mixing or applying the plaster. We recommend Visi-V Safety Specs as they offer lightweight polycarbonate single lens with vented side shields to reduce lens misting & integral browguard. A versatile eye shield that can be worn over most prescription specs or as a safety spectacle in it’s own right. The Visi-V safety specs are also ideal plastering PPE as they offer great coverage of the eye protecting from unexpected splashes from any direction. Approved to EN166 1FT making them ideal for a variety of workplaces.

Foot Protection for Plastering

You should also wear a pair of steel toe cap boots to protect your feet from falling objects. There are a variety of safety boots that are suitable for use in plastering, but from customer recommendations we would suggest a pair of the standard chukka safety boots. Firstly, the reviews and feedback from our customers who use these for plastering has been extremely positive. These great value boots offer high quality protection including double density PU sole making them resistant too penetration from objects which is essential when plastering. EN345-1 S1P approved making them ideal for a variety of workplaces and the perfect plastering PPE.

If you still unsure on the ideal plastering PPE or anything else please do not hesitate to contact a member of Red Brick at sales@redbrickworkwear.co.uk or call 0114 321 6408.

21 Jan 2016 04:49:45 By Conor Tomkins What PPE Do I Need?,

Tiling PPE

What is the best tiling PPE? What tiling PPE should I be using at work? These are commonly asked questions from our trade customers. Find out what tiling PPE you need for your workplace.

Hand Protection for Tiling

Whilst tiling your hands are extremely vulnerable as you are require to handle tiles and also tile adhesive which both can be hazardous if not correctly protected. Often tillers use multiple styles of gloves for doing the job including latex gloves for mixing the adhesive and applying the tiles and marigolds for grouting. We recommend a pair of 5T57N Panther nitrile cut resistant gloves as these provide both of the benefits of the previously mentioned styles. These gloves provide barrier protection from the adhesive stopping any irritation of skin and also provide great grip in oiling environments - ideal for handling the tiles and preventing incident. These gloves also offer superior abrasion & cut resistance giving you reassurance whilst using the tiling cutter or cutting instruments. Conforms to EN388 & EN407 x1xxxx making them ideal for a variety of workplaces.

Eye Protection for Tiling

Your tiling PPE should also contain eye protection as your eyes are also extremely vulnerable from a range of hazards whilst tiling, these include splashes of adhesive or grout and also shrapnel from tiles whilst been cut. You will require a pair of wrap around safety specs as these provide great protection from all direction but also offer a lightweight and comfortable wearing experience. We recommend any pair of safety specs that conform too EN166 1F as these will provide a anti-mist and anti-scratch lense, keeping your visibility clear at all times.

Hand Wash for Tiling

Finally when dealing with this type of work it is in your best interest to make sure your hands get precise treatment before work and after. There are hand washes you can get for this. We would recommend our DEB Universal Protect Hand Wash for pre-work and DEB Citrus Power Hand Wash for after work. This will keep your hands conditioned and protect against sore and irritated skin. These hand washes work together to provide the ultimate protection and prevention of hand injury. Also from a renowned manufactured these are known for quality.

If you still unsure on what tiling PPE you need do not hesitate to contact a member of Red Brick at sales@redbrickworkwear.co.uk or calling 0114 321 6408 for all your tiling PPE and workwear needs.

21 Jan 2016 04:49:14 By Conor Tomkins What PPE Do I Need?,
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