Anti Impact / anti vibration work gloves are important in a wide range of workplaces - using the correct hand protection could be the different been contracting a condition known as vibration white finger or not. Vibration white finger is often contracted by pneumatic drill operators or people who operate power tools that generate a large amount of vibration. This condition directly effects the blood vessels in the hand and fingers causing sensation and feeling loss, as well as a change of skin colour making the hands pale. This circulation issue can have a massive effect on a persons lifestyle depending on the severity, but it can easily be avoided by using the correct hand protection and anti vibration work gloves.

There is a wide variety of ways to prevent this condition including anti-vibration gloves that are neither hard to come by or expensive so will be well worth the investment. These gloves often feature a special gel padding that is used to disperse and absorb the vibration impacts that occur whilst using hand-held machinery continuously.

Fingerless Vibration Impact Work Gloves

Fingerless versions of anti vibration gloves are also available, these offer the same "white finger" prevention features as other gloves, but also allow improved dexterity making them suitable for a wider variety of jobs. These gloves also have improved grip and feel, ideal for jobs that require a large amount of precision as well as the anti vibration properties.

Although slightly more expensive than other forms of hand protection these anti vibration gloves could make the difference between suffering from vibration white finger or not, so as always we believe it is worth the investment to be properly protected in your workplace - do you?

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