The Bolle Contour safety specs are one of the most requested and purchased safety specs here at Red Brick, and its easy to see why. Offering a stunning design that allows them to either be worn casually or for a range of other jobs that require high quality eye protection.

The Bolle Contour are extremely revolutionary and offer a unique lens design that gives the wearer excellent field of view over 180º, making them one of the least view restricting safety specs on the market. The lens is also extremely durable and manufactured out of polycarbonate, giving them anti-scratch properties.

Stylish Safety Specs

Available in smoked, clear and ESP, these high quality safety specs are ideal for anyone no matter what taste or situation. These are the first pair of safety specs we can say are suitable to be worn at work, at home or during outdoor recreational activities. Extremely versatile, stylish and modern design these safety specs are an essential addition to any PPE wardrobe.

Durable Safety Specs

The lightest safety specs on the market weighting in at only 21g, but this does not compromise on the strength and durability. The frame’s moulded lens supports prevent the lenses from being dislodged by a strong frontal impact making them resistant to one of the most common incidents that happen in any workplace.

Every pair of bolle contour safety specs are supplied with a bolle microfibre bag protecting them from storage scratches. The microfibre bag is supplied to compliment these high quality of these safety specs and too keep them in pristine condition.

Safety Spec Standards

These safety specs Conform to EN166 1F (impact), EN170 (UV) and EN172 (Solar Protection). Filter 100% UVB/UVA making them suitable for most workplaces and ensuring the wearer that they are fully protected against all eventualities.

If you have any questions in regards to the bolle contour or any other personal protective equipment you my need, please contact our expert team at or call 0114 321 6408.