Bump caps are becoming more popular amongst people of all trades, they are stylish and practical head protection for light to medium risk workplaces. Unlike hard hats they are extremely breathable, comfortable and stylish.

Bump Caps

Bump caps are made up of 2 pieces, a fabric outside shell and a protective ABS plastic inner - they are cleverly designed so the protective inner can be removed so the fabric is easier to wash and cared for correctly to keep them in good condition and looking new. The inner shell is manufactured from a durable ABS making them extremely long lasting and durable, this material is also inherently resistant too impact.

Additional features to improve the comfort for the wearer includes and foam padding within the outer fabric for soft and secure fit and a fully adjustable back strap. The cotton/polyester blend fabric these bump caps are often made out of is extremely breathable causing less sweat and keeping the wearer cool during long periods of use.

Bump caps are available in a wide range of colours and designs making them ideal for any ones taste. We have a range of bump cap head protection in multiple colours - red, blue, black, hi vis yellow and hi vis orange. Since these bump caps are available in hi vis design it increases the variety of jobs and workplaces they can be worn.

Bump caps that feature an ABS liner conform to EN812 making them suitable for use on certain sites and also giving the wearer confidence that they are protected.

These hats are often used for logistics, warehousing, engineering, DIY and a range of leisure activities. So why not give them a try and change from your old hard hat for a more comfortable, breathable and stylish alternative.

If you have any other questions in regards to bump caps, head protection or any other personal protective equipment requirements please contact our expert sales team at sales@redbrickworkwear.co.uk or call 0114 321 6408.