Disposable workwear and barrier protection is required for a variety of workplaces often with strict hygiene rules including food handling, health care & automotive work.

Disposable clothing is commonly manufactured out of polypropylene, paper or similar non-woven materials. This allows the clothing to be light, breathable and comfortable but still offer great barrier protection against splashes and spillage.

Disposable Headwear

Commonly used in workplaces involved in handling, distributing or processing food products - disposable headwear is designed to keep your hair from contaminating surrounding food. Hair nets, mop caps and beard masks are commonly manufactured out of spun polypropylene allowing them to be light, comfortable and breathable but maintain high levels of barrier protection.

Disposable Coveralls

Overalls and disposable coveralls are used in a variety of work environments ranging from automotive garages to clean rooms. Disposable coveralls not only offer barrier protection but depending on your workplace can protect you from hazardous materials. Type 5/6 coveralls conform to standards that assure the product is suitable to protect you from limited hazardous material exposure.

Commonly manufactured from polypropylene or similar spun materials disposable coveralls offer great barrier protection whilst maintain comfort and breathability.

Disposable Overshoes

Required in workplaces with highly strict hygiene rules - disposable overshoes are design to stop outside contamination in clean rooms. Also the added benefit of preventing splash damage to your footwear.

Disposable Aprons

Commonly used in food processing and distribution disposable aprons are extremely versatile and do not restrict movement. Polyethylene disposable aprons are also used within healthcare workplaces such as hospitals or care homes. Available in a variety of material thickness depending on the splash resistance required.

Disposable workwear is available in a large variety of materials, styles & standards so it is important to make sure you are buying the correct barrier protection for your workplace. Typically available in a range of colours to allow colour coding within your work environment.