Ear defenders are available in a wide range of styles and types, making them ideal for a wide range of workplaces and jobs. Ear defenders are also available in a range of sound ratings which are 28db, 31db and 35db.

Ear Defenders ratings

  • 28db ear defenders are ideal for work places with moderate to high noise - great for protecting your hearing against high tones.
  • 31db rated defenders protect you against moderate noise and ideal for mid tones such as factories of industrial areas.
  • 35db rated ear defenders are ideal for extremely loud workplaces, and ideal for applications such as using loud machinery or tools. These protect from bass tones.
  • Neckband Ear Muffs

    These ear defenders are extremely comfortable and feature a band that goes around the back of your neck, ideal for workplaces that require both hearing protection and head protection. Available in a wide range of styles and noise ratings. Neckband ear muffs offer the convenience allowing the wearer to easily remove the ear defenders without having to put them down as they can be stored around the neck.

    Headband Ear Muffs

    These ear muffs are ideal for most applications and jobs, featuring a strap that is applied over the head offering extreme comfort and great adjust-ability. There are a wide range of headband ear muffs varying in protection and quality. The over the head strap on headband ear muffs are fully adjustable ensuring a comfortable fit for any wearer. This style of ear muffs make it more difficult to wear at the same time as head protection such as a bump camp or hard hat. If this is a requirement for your workplace we recommend either neckband or clip on.

    Helmet Ear Muffs

    Helmet ear muffs are very convenient and ideal for workplaces that require head protection such as a hard hat as well as hearing protection. They easily attach to hard hats and other head protection seamlessly integrating with a clip on attachment to make a secure and sturdy fit. These are often adjustable making sure the fit is tight and your are properly protected whilst at work.

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