EN471 GO/RT3279 high visibility workwear is ideal work working on the UK Rail Network. Conforming to this standard ensures that the garment offers reflectiveness and quality required for work on the railway and that they are suitable for the harsh weather and visibility conditions that working on the railway entails.

High Visibility On The Railway

On the UK Rail Network the wearing of EN471 GO/RT3279 hi visibility workwear that conforms to this standard has become mandatory for any personnel associated with track or lineside working. Even in "Green Zone Working" areas were no trains are scheduled high visibility clothing is still required although on active "Red Zone Working" areas it is imperative that the highest levels of visibility are maintained at all times through the day and night.

The material that high visibility clothing is manufactured out of is the main feature that produces the high visibility appearance that is required. The fluorescent material is extremely vibrant and enhances the visibility of the workwear in any weather condition. Additionally reflective strips and incorporated into the garment, these are designed to reflect a high amount of light back towards the source.

EN471 GO/RT3279 is based on the European Standard EN 471:2003 + A1:2007, requiring garments to offer at least class 2. Although the EN standard allows numerous different colours GO/RT3279 only allows one specific orange colour. All the materials such as the reflective strips are designed and tested too EN 471:2003 + A1:2007 standards - tested to reflect a certain amount of light back to its source such as a locomotive headlight.

The EN471 GO/RT3279 standard also states that the visibility and reflectiveness off the garment must not be compromised by any addition of company branding or logo.

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