Here are Red Brick we understand the importance of choosing the right type of foot protection for your workplace and job. Having the right pair of work boots can help improve your comfort and reduce the chances of sustaining injury.

Safety Work Boots

Its important to make sure your employees and yourself are properly protected when on the job, new health and safety legislation make sure that you use high quality and suitable PPE for the job including foot protection.

Red Brick Workwear not only offer work boots but we also have a wide range of executive work shoes, ideal for the employee working in both the office and the site. When appearance matters safety does not need to be compromised with our high quality work shoes.

Executive Safety Shoes

The use of executive safety shoes has rapidly increased, with varied styles such as brogues and plain tie available to suit all tastes and styles. These safety shoes are ideal for personnel who move between an office environment and the site. Offering great protection such as either a steel or composite toe cap and approved to SP1 standards making them suitable for the majority of workplaces with medium hazards. Ideal addition to any corporate wardrobe - fashionable, stylish and great foot protection.

Multi-Purpose Footwear

Multi-purpose footwear is a very varied term and can include a large variety of work boots including ankle boots, dealer boots, good year styled boots and trainer style safety shoes just to name a few.

Dealer boots are a fashionable style for work boots offering a comfortable slip on design and high quality leather. Offering all the safety features of other S1P approved foot protection.

Ankle boots are the "traditional" style of work boots. Available in a variety of colours and designs these boots are the preferred option for most trades man and employers. These style of boots offer a ankle height collar making them extremely breathable and comfortable.

Hiker boots offer a full front lace design making giving them an extremely secure fit and feel. These boots are also approved for a wide range of workplaces and sites and are used regularly for hiking and jobs that require a large amount of walking - these boots stay secure and do not come undone.

Rigger Boots

Our rigger boots are ideal for a range of jobs, offer a warm fleece lining for ultimate comfort to the wearer and slip resistance soles making them ideal for working on slippy surfaces such as oil or water. The majority of our rigger boots offer a 200 joule rated steel toe cap and conform too S1P standards making them suitable for most workplaces and sites.

Manufactured out of high quality leather rigger boots prove themselves to be extremely durable, long lasting and safe - making them great value for money. The versatility, great water resistance and weather proofing rigger boots offer allows them to be used in a wide range of jobs including ground maintenance and all other outside work.

If you have any other questions regarding foot protection or work boots please contact us at or 0114 321 6408.