High Visibility clothing is important in workplaces such as construction and road works but is also used in everyday activities such as cycling, running, motorcycling etc.. Wearing Hi-Viz clothing can save your life and Red Brick Workwear is here to help you chose the ideal workwear for you.

Each job have different requires for Hi-Viz workwear, this is why we have such a wide range to cover all possible requirements for all jobs and workplaces. Our high quality Hi-Viz workwear offer both bright and vibrant colours that will not fade after washing and also reflective strips so they conform the highest standards.

Hi Vis Vests

Hi Vis vests come in a range of sizes and colours each required in a different sector or workplace. High visibility bands are a requirement in most areas of work but these bands are available in different configurations making them conform to different standards. These including 2 band & brace, 1 band & brace and 2 bands without brace.

To conform to the class 2 standards a high visibility vest must feature 2 bands & brace and these are often used in workplaces with reduced visibility such as in close proximity to a major road or railway. Although railway workplaces require a special standard called GO/RT3279.

Hi Vis Trousers

Hi Vis trousers are available in a wide variety of styles including action trousers and PU cover trousers which fit over the top of your regular clothing. For trousers to conform too class 2 standards they must feature 2 bands that can either be positioned around the knee's or ankles. For class 3 protection you must combine both Hi Vis trousers and a Hi Vis jacket for overall high visibility coverage.

2Tone Hi-Viz

2tone high visibility clothing either feature yellow and orange hi-viz or yellow and another colour such as navy or black on the same article of clothing, it is possible to get 2tone on hi-viz t shirts, trousers and vests. These conform to class 2 standards (when 2 hi-viz colours are combined). Giving a stylish edge to your high visibility corporate wardrobe.

Corporate Hi-Viz

Some high visibility clothing are for corporate use only this often applies to coloured high visibility vests - even though these do feature reflective bands they conform to no European standards so are not suitable for use in certain workplaces. Corporate hi-viz is often used as uniform to staff who are working in minimum risk area's of the workplace such as the office.

If you need any assistance on which type of High visibility clothing you need then please do not hesitate to contact us by either emailing sales@redbrickworkwear.co.uk or calling 0114 321 6408.