Rigger gloves are used for jobs that require heavy duty hand protection, so its important that you have the right pair for your workplace. Avoid injury with high quality, durable and reliable rigger gloves.

Heavyweight rigger gloves offer great hand protection and can be used in a variety of industries, such as warehousing, gardening, building and DIY. We offer different colour and styles to suit you. Our heavyweight rigger gloves feature leather palms and rubberised safety cuffs, making them extremely durable, high quality and great value for money.

All of our rigger gloves conform to EN388 standards and are ideal for use on any job - providing you peace of mind that your hands are fully protected whilst at work.

The higher quality rigger gloves offer stiffened safety cuffs to protect your wrist and forearm. These cuffs can either be manufactured out of rubber of high quality leather and protect from impact and sharp objects.With added leather knuckle straps to protect against impact injuries.

Rigger gloves are extremely versatile and perfect for a range of jobs, workplaces or hobbyists with a great price tag rigger gloves are the favoured gloves for DIYers and gardeners.

If you require assistance, information or help on the rigger gloves or hand protection that is suitable for you, please contact us either by email or by calling 0114 321 6408 and our expert team will be happy to advise you.