What is the ideal bricklaying PPE? What equipment and protection do you need whilst on the job? These questions are often asked by our customers.

Hand Protection for Bricklaying

Firstly you need to look after your hands as they are the most vulnerable part whilst bricklaying, and you can do this with a pair of safety gloves (we would recommend Grab N Grip safety gloves). These gloves offer all the features required for bricklaying. Offering a latex coated palm making them extremely durable suitable for handing the bricks and also providing excellent grip. These gloves also provide excellent abrasion and puncture resistance defending your hands against injury. These gloves conform too EN388 so they are suitable for work on all sites.

Eye Protection for Bricklaying

Secondly you need eye protection in case of any splashes during mixing your mortar or while applying courses, and a pair of safety specs is what you require (we recommend Safety Source Comet). These safety specs are extremely lightweight at only 24g making them extremely comfortable. The lenses are both anti-scratch and anti-mist making them durable and long lasting. These specs conform too EN166 1FT making them suitable for use on most sites and ideal bricklaying PPE.

Work Boots for Bricklaying

Additionally you should also be equiped with a pair of steel toe cap boots to protect your feet in case you drop bricks etc on them (Hiker Safety Boots will be perfect for the job). Offering a highly protective steel toe cap and midsole making them ideal protection against heavy and unexpected impacts which can be expected whilst bricklaying. With added features such as a padded collar and tongue for additional comfort these boots are ideal for long periods of uses. Conforming too ENISO 20345:2004/A1:2007 S1P making them suitable for medium risk workplaces and ideal bricklaying PPE.

Head Protection for Bricklaying

Finally you need to aware of your surrounding environment as there could be falling objects or materials, for this we would advise a safety helmet (Apex safety helmet would be great for this). These helmets are manufactured out of a durable ABS material providing excellent protection from impacts and other hazards. Extremely lightweight providing great comfort for long periods of use. Offering an advanced ventilation system to keep the wearer cool and comfortable at all times. EN397 approved making them ideal for a range of workplaces.

If you still unsure on the ideal bricklaying PPE or anything please do not hesitate to contact a member of Red Brick at sales@redbrickworkwear.co.uk or call us on 0114 321 6408.