What is the best painting PPE? What should painting PPE should I be using at work? These are common questions asked by our customers. Be prepared in your workplace when it comes to your personal protective equipment and workwear.

Eye Protection for Painting

When it comes to undertaking a painting job you need to make sure that you have the precise PPE to do so. There are many hazards whilst painting and your eyes are most vulnerable to sustain injury. The main reason for this is because paint splash can be unexpected and can cause serious injury in your eyes. We recommend a pair of safety specs to protect you from these hazards. A pair of safety specs are essential for any painting PPE wardrobe and we would suggest the Vesta safety specs. These offer a wraparound style which is designed to protect from all directions which is ideal for unexpected splashes. Extremely lightweight and comfortable designed not to obstruct view allowing you to be precise and detailed with your painting.

Barrier Protection for Painting

Obviously painting can be a messy job, and expensive if you do not provide barrier protection for your work clothes. Disposable coveralls are essential - but which do ones do you choose? Our recommendation is Tyvek Classic Xpert, although slightly more costly than budget coveralls they offer massive benefits over the cheaper option which provide you with more comfort and allow you to do a better job. Including an anti-static and breathable material which will keep you cool and also helps to prevent static build up after long periods of use or large amounts of movement. These overalls are also renowned for the barrier protection they offer against liquids as it is unrivalled which makes them ideal for protecting your clothes against paint splashes.

Respiratory Protection for Painting

Now depending on what type of painting you are undertaking you may require a dust mask to protect you from toxic fumes that are produced by certain paint types. Although some types of paint may require air fed masks for use we recommend a moulded mesh “PDRP” dust mask for painting with standard emulsion or gloss. This will stop any throat or lung irritation that is often caused by long exposure to less toxic forms of paint.

If you still unsure on any painting PPE please do not hesitate to contact a member of Red Brick at sales@redbrickworkwear.co.uk or calling 0114 321 6408 for all your PPE and workwear needs.