Tiling PPE

What is the best tiling PPE? What tiling PPE should I be using at work? These are commonly asked questions from our trade customers. Find out what tiling PPE you need for your workplace.

Hand Protection for Tiling

Whilst tiling your hands are extremely vulnerable as you are require to handle tiles and also tile adhesive which both can be hazardous if not correctly protected. Often tillers use multiple styles of gloves for doing the job including latex gloves for mixing the adhesive and applying the tiles and marigolds for grouting. We recommend a pair of 5T57N Panther nitrile cut resistant gloves as these provide both of the benefits of the previously mentioned styles. These gloves provide barrier protection from the adhesive stopping any irritation of skin and also provide great grip in oiling environments - ideal for handling the tiles and preventing incident. These gloves also offer superior abrasion & cut resistance giving you reassurance whilst using the tiling cutter or cutting instruments. Conforms to EN388 & EN407 x1xxxx making them ideal for a variety of workplaces.

Eye Protection for Tiling

Your tiling PPE should also contain eye protection as your eyes are also extremely vulnerable from a range of hazards whilst tiling, these include splashes of adhesive or grout and also shrapnel from tiles whilst been cut. You will require a pair of wrap around safety specs as these provide great protection from all direction but also offer a lightweight and comfortable wearing experience. We recommend any pair of safety specs that conform too EN166 1F as these will provide a anti-mist and anti-scratch lense, keeping your visibility clear at all times.

Hand Wash for Tiling

Finally when dealing with this type of work it is in your best interest to make sure your hands get precise treatment before work and after. There are hand washes you can get for this. We would recommend our DEB Universal Protect Hand Wash for pre-work and DEB Citrus Power Hand Wash for after work. This will keep your hands conditioned and protect against sore and irritated skin. These hand washes work together to provide the ultimate protection and prevention of hand injury. Also from a renowned manufactured these are known for quality.

If you still unsure on what tiling PPE you need do not hesitate to contact a member of Red Brick at sales@redbrickworkwear.co.uk or calling 0114 321 6408 for all your tiling PPE and workwear needs.