Choosing the right work trousers for your workplace is complicated. There are large varieties of work trousers all with different features and benefits. What exactly do you need out of your work trousers?

Work trousers you should be aware of the quality or the item that you are purchasing. We recommend trousers that offer contrast triple stitched major seams. This ensures that the trousers will be extremely durable and be tear and rip resistant.

There are a range of styles of work trousers available such as action trousers and cargo trousers.

Action trousers offer a stylish design with zipped pockets which make them ideal for jobs that require a large amount of moving/walking. Offering better protection for your personal possessions.

Cargo trousers offer a variety of pockets making they extremely versatile and suitable for a wide range of work places. Cargo trousers are often manufactured out of a polycotton blend fabric which makes them extremely breathable but durable.

Some trousers feature pull out swing pockets, pockets with velcro fastenings for easy storage of tools and personal belongings such as mobile phone and wallet. Some trousers offer specific pockets for tools such as rules, pens and hammers.

Knee pad pockets can also be a great addition to any work trousers. These are the preferred way of wearing knee pads for many workers as they offer more comfort and better stability than velcro or strap attached knee pads.

Job specific work trousers are also available such as heat resistance welding trousers. These trousers conform too EN 11611 and EN 11612 and are often manufactured out of a heat resistant drill cotton fabric making them resistant to direct flame contact and splashes of hot substances.

Polycotton food trousers are also available for anyone working in the food industry. These offer great barrier protection and are often manufactured out of a white cotton fabric for hygiene reasons.

Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts are a comfortable alternative to work trousers, although only suitable for minimal risk workplaces such as garden work they offer much greater comfort in warmer climate. Knee length legs offer exceptional breathability and restrict less movement than conventional work trousers.

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