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Heat & Flame Resistant Clothing

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EN 11611 Heat Resistant Hazards

EN 11611

EN 11611 standards specifies the minimum requirements for garments that protect from splatter of molten metal, short time flame exposure and radiant heat from arc's from electric shocks by short term and accidental contact.

  • Class 1 protection is designed to protect against less hazardous welding techniques. Causing less levels of splatter of molten metal spatter and less radiant heat.
  • Class 2 protection is designed to protect against the more hazardous welding techniques that cause higher levels of spatter and radiant heat.

EN 11612 Heat Resistant Hazards

EN 11612

EN 11612 specifies performance requirements for coveralls and overalls that are manufactured from a flexible fabric that is designed to protect the body (excluding hands and feet). These garments are designed too protect from short term flame exposure and other forms of heat. The use of garments that conform too EN 11612 have a variety of uses in different workplaces and jobs.